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The sun is blazing

Three volts of summer

Big summer heat, please throw me into the sea to boil a little. The heat is like fire, so that every effort is closer to the harvest. Stay in the garden full of greenery and watch the seasons slow down. May the summer night, no stars left behind, the sea only compete for the night. It is you who harvest the season, the only sweet, in the shade of that breeze, quietly enjoy the slow time.

The sun is like fire

The annual high-temperature season is upon us again, the flames are like fire, the heat is scorching. The air is filled with heat waves, so that people can not breathe. The sun is like a fireball, baking the earth, the air is hot, the ground is hot.

Sweating like rain

However, in Huahong Technology is a beautiful landscape, the production line, the hot scene is still the same, there are a group of lovely employees in the battle of high temperature, high production, work enthusiasm is touching.

High temperature "baking" test

The production environment inside the workshop is special, the temperature is rising, like a furnace, the lovely employees are sweating, but they still keep on their posts, accepting the high temperature "baking" test.

Highly daring

Under the premise of safety, they climbed high and squatted for a while, and worked hard only for the sake of perfection, they persisted in the high temperature, sweated like rain to ensure production, and breathed and grew with the enterprise development.

Sparks splash

Weld splashes in the air, sweat in the back cheeks roll flow, dazzling arc, reflecting the beautiful starlight. Those suffering and tiredness are blocked in the years of struggle by the protective shield worn on the face. They firmly believe and go forward have been doing our steel heroes.

Hot summer days

Cool care

Hot summer days also need a touch of coolness. The company has strengthened the knowledge propaganda of summer heat prevention and cooling for the employees, and also prepared the medicine of summer heat prevention and cooling food such as chilled salt water and green bean soup to ensure the physical and mental health of the employees the smallest details.


The busy figures and the sweat flowing are the most beautiful scenery. The high temperature is still going on, our lovely employees are full of enthusiasm to fight the high temperature and win the high production, just to ensure the normal operation of production orders. Here, we pay tribute to all the employees who are fighting in the front line!

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